Van Dyk Family Wines Wine Club


Celebrate our Elderly with 3 bottles of Le Bel Age Pinot Noir every Spring at release. 

Joining our allocation gives you access to our limited production Cabernet. You are guaranteed 3 bottles of Le Bel Age Pinot Noir annually. 

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$128 plus shipping

* One 3 bottle shipment per year every Spring
* Personalized concierge service by Elizabeth or Bob Van Dyk to help plan your next visit to wine country 
* Support for a club members charity 
* Member of Van Dyk Health Care Family. 
* 15% off all shipments 

Most Importantly... all members have access to our 63 years of experience in senior health care.
 We're available to you if you need information about Alzheimer's or dementia. Let us help you if you have any questions or are struggling with the impact this disease can have on a family. We have extensive resources, books, articles, and subject matter experts who would be happy to share thoughts and advice. As a member member of our Le Bel Age Allocation, you're also a part of our Van Dyk Health Care family.

Join This Club